Rwandan Green needs protection

Many times we are asked to do things in support of Green candidates or Green Party leaders, and because of the cost it’s difficult. Some of us have enough income to live well, while others of us are barely getting by. Today I offer you a dollar free way to help protect the life of a Green Party leader in Rwanda.

The following is from Ann Garrison’s blog.

I’d like to urge Green and human rights Tweeters to follow Frank Habineza, interim leader of the Rwandan Democratic Green Party, for the sake of Frank’s and other party members’ safety, and, for political rights in Rwanda.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s government should know that Greens and other human rights activists are watching Frank and the Rwandan Democratic Greens, especially during the next two weeks, as they continue their struggle to register as a political party with a ballot line, and convene in Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali, on October 30th, despite have been shut down by the state three times.

Please post to your Facebook pages, websites, e-lists, and/or blogs, and urge others concerned with political rights, in Rwanda, Central Africa, and beyond, to do so as well.

Canadian, Australian, European, and African Greens have all spoken out for the Rwandan Greens, and some have spoken to Rwandan Embassies. We’re waiting for a statement from the Green Party (in the-editor’s note) U.S.A., but this is not just about Green Party rights; it’s about political rights, and the safety of those fighting for them.”

LGBT human rights are also at issue, to say the least, in Rwanda, where official policy has long been that “homosexuality does not exist.” Frank Habineza told me he would try to contact members of the LGBT community willing to speak to press outside Rwanda, but also said that “they are so beaten down here that they are very hard to find above ground.”

So there it is folks. If you have a Twitter account, please consider adding Habineza to your list of folks to follow. This will let the repressive government in Rwanda know that the world, or at least a part of the world, is concerned about his safety, and will not allow him or the Green Party to be repressed.


Green Party social networking sites

The Internet has a wide array of social networking sites. All have at least one, and often times several, Green Party related groups, and tons of individual Greens with their own pages.

While it’s not exactly a social networking site, New Menu is a great resource. With a run down of many Green Party candidates and info about their campaigns, this is a must-see for Greens. If you are running for office and are not yet posted to New Menu, check it out and get your info up.

Again, while it’s not exactly a social networking site, YouTube has a number of Green Party contributors. Ian Wilder of On the Wilder Side handles one, while Mike Feinstein has another. Green Progress has posted dozens of videos, and Craig Seeman has been posting videos there for some time. Of course, Polidoc Productions has always got good Green Party videos worth a look. To see all the various Green Party videos from across the globe, click here

The mac-daddy of Green Party social networking websites is Green Change. These folks do a wide range of Green Party activities and have a lot of information important to Greens.

Here are some more social networking sites:

Green Party Worldwide at Tribe.net

Green Party at Tribe.net

Green Party activists at tribe.net

Green Party at twibes.com

Green Party of the United States on Twitter…and there are several other nations and states.

On Facebook there is the Green Party of England and Wales, several that are just “Green Party”like this one, this other one, this one over here, and many more. Just do a search for “Green Party” at Facebook and be amazed…

Where else do you make connections with other Greens? Do you use MySpace? Ning? Something else? Clue us all in so we too can get connected.


Jack Lindblad enters race for California’s 39th Assembly District

Jack Lindblad, an architect in the San Fernando Valley, is running hard for a seat in the 39th assembly district. Focusing on water issues, sustainability and a steady-state economy, Lindblad is using Twitter and his own Blogger site to promote his campaign.

Lindblad is also active in support of his local Pacifica Radio station, KPFK.


Greenline, May 2009

Greenline is the monthly e-bulletin of the Green Party of the United States. This month’s Greenline brings sad news indeed. Emily Citkowski, Green Party National Operations Director since Dec. 16th, 2003 has announced that she is returning to union organizing for her paying job, and will continue to volunteer with the national office as well as with the DC Statehood Green Party. Citkowski was interviewed for Green Party Watch Radio back in mid August.

In addition the May issue of Greenline covers the upcoming Green Party Annual National Meeting, scheduled for Thursday, July 23-Sunday July 26, 2009 on the campus of North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC.

A brief rundown of campaigns nationwide in included as is information about Green Party merchandise, Green Pages’ transition to an online only publication, and ways to stay in touch with the Green Party. The full text of Greenline can be found by clicking the headline of this article.

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On being a Twit

As 52 of you know, GPW posts are now being Twittered. We are using Twitterfeed.com to post GPW feeds to our Twitter account.

Because we don’t want to make people mad by sending them tweets after normal bedtime we are posting only during reasonable hours using GPW’s post-dating feature. This post, for example, is being written at 5:45 AM East Coast Time, but won’t appear, nor be tweeted until 9:45 AM.

There was apparently a glitch either in Twitterfeed or our particular account yesterday, and posts to the site were not being sent. I posted them directly via the web, and then twitterfeed sent the same post five hours later. From now on we will wait until Twitterfeed fixes whatever problems they have and avoid sending the same info to you twice.

If you are not one of our Twitter subscribers this doesn’t matter to you, but if you don’t subscribe, why not give it a whirl.


Lynne Serpe for NY City Council

Campaign Manager for David Cobb’s 2004 Green Party presidential bid, Lynne Serpe has announced she is running for NYC City Council representing the Astoria area. Serpe is the Former Deputy Director, Political Reform Program, New America Foundation , and had a column published in the LA Times co-written with Steven Hill.

Serpe and Robyn Sklar Nelson operate Triple R Events, which they describe as

monthly green events in LIC/Astoria that are fun and educational, not boring and preachy.

Serpe’s campaign maintains a presence on FaceBook and Twitter.

Serpe’s campaign will kick off:

Saturday, May 16th
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Boomerang Cafe & Lounge
36-11 30th Avenue, Astoria
N/W to 30th Avenue, walk five blocks east
R to Steinway, walk 2 avenues north to 30th Avenue and three blocks west.


GPUS suggests $100 for the first 100 days

In a tweet sent to GPUS supporters it is suggested that one way to “celebrate” the first 100 days of the Obama administration would be with a donation to the Green Party.

On a more personal note, I used to donate to my local NPR station, but since they virtually never cover the Green Party and accept baskets full of corporate donations, I have decided to divert those dollars to the Green Party. For me it’s a matter of supporting those who support me.

If you are inclined to give you can use this link.