California Green with family in Japan addresses crisis there

The national party issued the following press release. It addresses the situation in Japan from the perspective of someone with family there. It’s by Wes Rolley, former co-chair of the Eco-Action Committee, and writer at California Greening

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
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Environmental watchdog, with family in Japan, says U.S. must ‘examine’ posture toward nuclear power; insists alternatives safer and more economically viable

SACRAMENTO – A Green Party environmental watchdog – whose wife’s entire family resides in Japan – said today that it is “inevitable that the United States must re-examine its own posture regarding not only the future of nuclear power, but also the management of the 104 nuclear power plants already operating” in the U.S.

“The Green Party, and especially the Green Party of California has always taken an anti-nuclear stance…based on a sober risk assessment and the knowledge that there are better alternatives which can meet our energy needs. (The) onetime cost advantage for nuclear is no longer true,” writes Wes Rolley, former co-chair of EcoAction Committee of Green Party of the U.S.
California Greening: Finding the energy to do it right

Noting that four of the 104 nuclear power plants in the US are located in California, including two reactors at Diablo Canyon constructed with full knowledge that they are close to three active faults including the San Andreas fault, Rolley said a 4th fault has been discovered under the ocean just off the Diablo Canyon site.

“There is risk,” said Rolley. “The lesson that I take from (Japan) is that we are not really good at quantifying risk. There is too much pressure to down play risk so as to not panic (the) public. If you listen to those who talk about Diablo Canyon site…they make the point that it was over designed to withstand the largest possible quake on the nearby faults. The same was said about (the nuclear plants in Japan.)

Rolley also said no one’s talking about the risk in putting “emphasis on large scale, single site capabilities. Yes, it may be economic when all is well, but the economic consequences are very bad when all is not well.

“The argument for a distributed system with multiple generation technologies: solar, wind, wave, co-generation, etc. makes the system much less prone to the effects of the loss of a single site. This would make the United State more secure. It would make the US economy more robust and better able to absorb shocks, whether from single site failure or from conflict fed spikes in the (oil) prices.”

Rolley concludes: “Follow the science for the entire process system. That is what the science of ecology tells us to do. Follow the economics that the science says is true. I don’t think that you will end up supporting nuclear or coal or any other fossil fuel.”





Growth! What is it good for? With apologies to Edwin Starr.

While Starr answered his own question, “War! What is it good for?” with the response “Absolutely nothing!”, Wes Rolley gives a more detailed answer to the question, “What good is growth?” in his column in the Morgan Hill Times.

One of his Green Talk columns, the essay includes this gem.

It should not be the automatic goal of our government to grow the economy nor should it be the goal of government to continue growing. Just as a cancer will eventually take all of our energy to sustain its insatiable expansion, so growing government will eventually take all of our monetary resources and growing the economy will eventually take all of our natural resources. The end result of all of this will be collapse and possibly the death of our civilization.

Rolley regularly blogs at California Greening.

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Sacramento News and Review asks: Where have all the green jobs gone?

California Green Cres Vellucci opts to stay in his car rather than stop and breathe the air in the central valley. Even so, he did stop recently to participate in a protest against plans to build a 1.2 million square foot Wal Mart distribution center that would bring more than a thousand diesel trucks to the area, already burdened with serious air pollution problems.

This is the beginning to the article by Sena Christian, and she goes on from there to ask, where are all the Green jobs?

Our own Wes Rolley is quoted, saying

“As it stands, it will achieve something, but not enough,” said Wes Rolley, a Green member who blogs about ecological issues. He pointed out that during the New Deal, the Works Progress Administration created more jobs in a four-month period than President Obama has promised to create or save by 2011.


California Greens issue latest edition of state party newspaper

Called Green Focus (PDF format), the newspaper of the California Green Party issued their latest edition. This summer issue is 16 pages long, includes articles from our own Wes Rolley. The paper covers recent propositions rejected by the state’s voters, water issues, the militarization of the northern coast, a possible state constitutional convention, marriage equity and many other issues.