Attack of the Attack Ads

So the Green Party of Canada has been in the media lately lamenting attack ads and how they affect democracy. Today the party came out with its own attack ad — attacking attack ads, LOL. Check it out.

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Green Party social networking sites

The Internet has a wide array of social networking sites. All have at least one, and often times several, Green Party related groups, and tons of individual Greens with their own pages.

While it’s not exactly a social networking site, New Menu is a great resource. With a run down of many Green Party candidates and info about their campaigns, this is a must-see for Greens. If you are running for office and are not yet posted to New Menu, check it out and get your info up.

Again, while it’s not exactly a social networking site, YouTube has a number of Green Party contributors. Ian Wilder of On the Wilder Side handles one, while Mike Feinstein has another. Green Progress has posted dozens of videos, and Craig Seeman has been posting videos there for some time. Of course, Polidoc Productions has always got good Green Party videos worth a look. To see all the various Green Party videos from across the globe, click here

The mac-daddy of Green Party social networking websites is Green Change. These folks do a wide range of Green Party activities and have a lot of information important to Greens.

Here are some more social networking sites:

Green Party Worldwide at Tribe.net

Green Party at Tribe.net

Green Party activists at tribe.net

Green Party at twibes.com

Green Party of the United States on Twitter…and there are several other nations and states.

On Facebook there is the Green Party of England and Wales, several that are just “Green Party”like this one, this other one, this one over here, and many more. Just do a search for “Green Party” at Facebook and be amazed…

Where else do you make connections with other Greens? Do you use MySpace? Ning? Something else? Clue us all in so we too can get connected.


Rev. Billy Movie Time

As many of you know, the Rev. Billy Talen is seeking the Green Party nomination for Mayor of New York City. Under the fold you will find several videos of the good Reverend, including his endorsement of the Green Party in Northern Ireland’s election, his arrest in Time Square for reciting the First Amendment, addressing World Water Day, singing about climate change, and of course, his announcement that he wants to be Mayor of the Big Apple.

This one, a good way to start, is a video of the trailer for the film, “What would Jesus buy?”…not available at Wal Mart, but it is available at NetFlix.

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Third Party Videos: Where is the Green Party?

YouTube and other online video sites have made releasing promotional videos for causes or candidates or parties a piece of cake. A number of people noted that Ralph Nader’s campaign was exceptional in the use of YouTube videos to promote his campaign. Many videos were put out over the last year for candidates, some of high quality, some hastily thrown together. Some were awesome, some were not so great.

With the Presidential election over, third parties seem to be inwardly focused on party building; the Green Party certainly is. The Green Party has a large financial debt, stagnant donor income, and the need and desire to reach out and broaden its base of support. Under the Obama administration Greens have a great opportunity to pick up support from the millions of liberals who are going to wake up and realize that they elected a Moderate Centrist, not a Leftist. How will the Green Party reach out to these disaffected voters? Is it left to the states to do that? Does a voter in Hoboken interested in the Green Party google “New Jersey Green Party” or “Green Party”? They look up “Green Party” – and the Green Party should be prepared to greet them warmly and welcome them to the fold.

GPUS should make a concerted effort to reach out to new voters and new members with creative, smart, appealing, funny, and short (120 seconds max) videos online. Perhaps a “video Contest” could be held encouraging Greens to submit videos with some kind of prize awarded to the best video. If a great high-quality video comes forward it could even be used to buy television ads at inexpensive slots in targeted regions of the country.

Below the fold I have posted some videos with commentary, some “green”, some from Third Parties.
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New video features “real Greens”

A video produced by Joe Truss of Oakland Greens and some of all parts has hit the YouTube with a series of brief glimpses of actual Greens explaining why we support Green and independent political action. In my opinion, all of us need to find our own way to do this sort of thing. No one else is going to do what only you can do, so figure out how you can best spread the word about a non-violent, democratic, just and ecologically sound future, make a decision to do something to increase your influence over decisions, and begin today to follow through.


A message from Pauline

One of the things people in positions of authority try to do is imply that we Greens are somehow “different”, “strange” or “out of step”. The truth of course is that we are just like our friends, neighbors and family, but with a different perspective and different plans for the future. In fact, the main thing that differentiates us from others is the passion we feel for the future. Unwilling to just “let is go”, we do things that make us different, like write a letter to the editor, or call our congressperson or donate a few dollars to worthy causes.

Another thing that some of us are doing is going to YouTube to tell the world why we are Greens. Pauline from Oakland did this, and I can’t help but believe that I am not alone in identifying with her straight from the heart statement.

Got a camera? A microphone? Get busy! No one else is going to do it for you. We all must become one of the pieces of the great green movement. As the Clash said, the future is unwritten. Let’s write it…and speak it too!